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On the personal front, I am moving to the Upper Valley area of New Hampshire to live with my fiance, and I am so excited to get out of the city, connect with a new pocket of the New England arts and dance community, have space and a fresh outlook to delve into my own work – all while still maintaining my ties to Boston!

As a fitting farewell to the neighborhood I’ve called home for four and a half years (and the city I’ve lived in for 14 years, with only a few hiatuses!), I was able to do a photo shoot all around Back Bay on a recent summer morning with my frequent and favorite collaborator Chris Di Nunzio. We covered the Comm Ave Mall, some hidden Back Bay alleys, the Boston Public Library in Copley Square, and even a few on the Esplanade. As always, Chris’s eye for the cinematic brought so much life to the images we made. I always leave our shoots, whether photography or film, feeling like it was a true partnership with two artists equally contributing their crafts to the final product.

A few favorites are below from each of our four outfits/locations; the entire set is also available here on my Gallery page.

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