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Headlines is an ongoing research project that began in September 2017. It is a text-based daily movement practice, intended to eventually inform a solo performance piece.

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Movement + Journalism: Responding to Catastrophe, Upheaval, & Plain Old Stories

Like many, I’ve been glued to the news this year, trying to keep a grasp on the disturbing turbulence happening all around us. My process with this project is to write down a few excerpts from the news articles / editorials / features I read each day, from magazine profiles to columns on culture and coverage of politics and disasters. I then distill down the words and document a short movement response – generally improvised, but occasionally set as a phrase corresponding to the sourced syntax.

The central intent is not to comment on issues, but to physically respond to the language being used in the media to capture our world. I’m interested in the range of “scenes” that emerge and analyzing them for common themes or physical narratives.


My goal is to generate a string of vignettes or mini-solos to be woven together for a larger solo performance piece. I plan on investigating how to best incorporate images and text (either visually or aurally) to underline and support the dance content.

On a general note: there’s so much commentary out there about pollution – of our planet, of our bodies, of our minds. It’s a terrifying reality. I believe that dance and the thinking that accompanies it can be a valuable antidote, as it encourages tuning back into natural impulses; feeling connections to the environment and other bodies; and appreciating the subtle. As an artist, I hope for this to be a small-but-mighty effort towards not only staying informed and seeking out good writing, but demonstrating how human movement and performance art continue to be vital ways of interacting with our world and seeking truths.

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Read something recently that moved / stopped / angered / interested / pleased / concerned you? Even just a word, a phrase, or an image? Send it over! I am currently accepting submissions and suggestions beyond my own daily media intake to expand the range of this project.


“…deeply flawed…”

“…doused in sludge.”

“…bringing a localized struggle into the global slipstream.”

“…complex daily negotiations over his freedom.”

“In the sweep of American history…”

“…small detonations of knowledge.”

“…transcendence in purportedly trivial subjects.”

“…overwhelming and intense sensory experiences… the result is a marked simplification in the field of possible experiences… impoverishment through surplus…”

“…words ripped from a greeting card, felt pointedly avoidant.”

“Waging a battle against evil has a narcotizing effect.”

“Silence in the name of unity.”

“This is who we are.”

[Sources: New York Times; The Atlantic; Slate]