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Deviation, Twice Removed (Film)

Deviation, Twice Removed goes from stage to screen in 2018!

Support the project! Fundraising campaign running until June 22, 2018

Stay tuned for trailers and information on the premiere screening and accessing the full film in Fall 2018. Behind-the-scenes photos viewable below.

Deviation, Twice Removed

A Short Contemporary Dance Film, Inspired by Genetic Memory

Coming September 2018

Conceived & Choreographed by Erin McNulty

Filmed, Produced & Edited by Christopher Di Nunzio

Music Composed & Performed by Josh Knowles

Dancers: Carolyn Harper & Erin McNulty

Film Assistant: Skip Shea

Shot on location in the Madame Sherri Forest, Chesterfield, NH, June 3-10, 2018; special thanks to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

This project was funded in part by New England Foundation for the Arts’ New England Dance Fund, with generous support from the Aliad Fund at the Boston Foundation.