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My flexible menu of master classes and workshops is below.

Please Contact Me to discuss specifics and to book for your studio, school, or organization. All classes can be tailored for different ages, abilities, and session lengths – one-time classes or multi-week programs. These are in addition to traditional Modern, Contemporary (Technique, Phrasework & Floorwork), and Beginner Ballet classes.


Learn a phrase >> acquire analytic tools >> mess with it to make it your own! Dancers will get a crash course in Laban’s elements of movement, and then apply them to find greater clarity, dynamism AND creative possibility within contemporary phrase material. A perfect fit for dancers and aspiring makers of all genres.

Power Through Release

Let go and rejoice! Mine your own momentum and develop greater fluidity, groundedness, and suspension in this dynamic release- technique class. We’ll get well acquainted with the floor to start, before building to sweeping phrasework that utilizes our own bodyweight and natural spirals.

Ignite The Artist: Thoughtful Improv & Composition For All

Want to improvise or choreograph but not always sure where to start? Amplify your senses, find inspiration in imagery and text, and forge connections with who and what is around you. This lab-style class combines deep guided improvisations with targeted movement making, witnessing, reflecting and editing as we gain choreographic skills and experiment with process.

Barre Conditioning

Access, strengthen, and stretch the muscles you need to support the specific demands of your dance training. Students will gain anatomical understanding, alignment awareness, knowledge of training principles, and get a rigorous full-body workout to boot on the mat and at the barre. (Erin is a former barre fitness instructor, combining that professional, research-based training and teaching experience with her postgraduate coursework in Anatomy and Pilates and ongoing embodied experience as a professional dancer)

Creative Ballet

Not your average ballet class! Great for beginners, those returning to ballet, or dancers of other genres looking for a fresh approach to ballet. By focusing primarily on sensations and imagery, this continuously moving class coaxes the body through classical shapes and movement while prioritizing flow over perfection.

“Erin creates an environment that allows for an open exchange of ideas between her and the students. In her improvisation and choreography classes, she gives students the tools to make their own dances and lets them develop their choreographic voices. As a young teaching artist, I have been inspired to incorporate these concepts into my artistic projects.”

— Alexandra Bilodeau, Former Student & Current Teaching Assistant/MFA Candidate

“My personal artistry has benefited from taking Erin’s class because of the way in which she promotes exploration and perfectly blends improvisation and technique. Discussing the different components of Laban movement analysis has inspired the way I now approach choreography. Her class has provided me with safe space to focus on myself as an artist.”

— Avery Pelosi, Boston University student, 2020-2021