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About Me

Daniel Byers Photography

I am a Boston-based contemporary dance artist, educator, and community practitioner.

Bio Quick-facts:

  • 2011 Boston University graduate from the College of Communication (Magna Cum Laude)
  • 2016 graduate from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance with a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Dance (Distinction)
  • Trained in dance since age 5, specializing in modern/contemporary techniques and improvisation

Read more about my story and my dance-making in this profile on Boston Voyager

I have extensive experience as a performer and educator, and my background also includes work in nonprofit administration as well as in the journalism/editorial field, making me a uniquely well-rounded project manager and artist.

Photography by Liza Voll for Boston Ballet


I am passionate about bringing the expressive possibilities of contemporary dance into studios, schools, and community spaces alike.

My interest in community dance is driven by a belief that dance, and the physical and mental empowerment it brings, can have a positive impact on people from all walks of life. I am drawn to projects where the barriers between professional dance and the communities it exists in are broken down, bringing richer cultural dialogue and appreciation for the arts and the body.

I strive to create a rigorous but safe space for discovery, expression, and personal achievement in every classroom I enter, from beginner to advanced. I emphasize foundational ballet and modern technique to build strength and alignment, while also focusing on release technique, Laban choreological principles, musicality, improvisation, group listening strategies, creative composition, and more.

Christopher Huang Photography


My work as a dancer is marked by unexpected shapes and shifts in momentum, as well as subtleties in gesture, performance and rhythm. I am most interested in work that explores the breadth of the movement spectrum with a finely tuned choreological understanding, and utilizes intense physicality to push the bounds of expression. My work is informed by multiple techniques and concepts, notably ballet, classical modern, release technique, Gaga, yoga, Initiation/1,000 Voices, and physical theater. Formerly a principal with KAIROS Dance Theater, I am currently freelancing in Boston and developing my own choreographic projects.

I aim to:

  • continue creating and participating in innovative, relevant, and sensory dance performance work
  • explore opportunities for points of contact and transfer between professional dance artists and the communities they work in, bringing dance more firmly into the cultural conscience as a vital means of expression and storytelling
  • bring the empowering experience of dance and creative movement into more lives – across a spectrum of age, gender, and background