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a time for loss & a time for ______

PREMIERE: Friday, February 8th, 2019 | 8pm

NACHMO | The Dance Complex, 536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA


A trio exploring integrated and complex grief, the winding way through each – and what lies beyond.

Cast: Katy Esper, Erin McNulty, Mary Teuscher

Choreographer: Erin McNulty, in collaboration with the dancers


Golden Lion PhotographyThe words we use to describe the experience of grief are often searing. Whatever kind of ‘loss’ we are grieving – a person, a relationship, a belief system, something personal or something global – the journey and aftermath can be almost violent as a new reality is forged within.

Psychiatrists now use terms such as reconciliationintegration, and adjustment to describe grief outcomes, rather than the more traditional recovery or acceptance. Our choreographic process will involve investigating this messier reality through writing exercises and improvisational tasks, to get to the core of our own experiences with grief – and where they have left us.

a time for loss & a time for ______  is being created during January 2019 as part of National Choreography Month (NACHMO), with further development to take place after its premiere. Stay tuned!