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Thrilled and humbled to report that our premiere screening event for Deviation, Twice Removed on Saturday was a resounding success! To be totally transparent, planning an event like this, complete with a last minute venue change and unexpected tech needs, was pretty stressful – but, having the day itself go so wonderfully was even sweeter because of it. We had over 40 attendees, in a beautiful space at the Social Register, and a rich Q&A discussion!

Having watched the film dozens of times myself throughout the post-production process, it was nerve-wracking to watch it again among a crowd seeing it for the very first time. I was very aware how different people’s perceptions may be seeing it with fresh eyes! The post-screening conversation, however, confirmed for me that we had made a product that could resonate, and that was filled with enough suggestion of our true choreographic intent/narrative to lead viewers gently into that world for themselves. Some of the feedback and questions we received included:

  • How the set factored into the narrative and theme – could we have shot this anywhere else? Was having nature be part of it, as opposed to an urban or industrial space, a necessity?
  • At what point did the music come into the work? It “seemed as if we [the dancers] were making the music with our bodies in real time” – what was the musician’s process?
  • How did we build the choreography? Where the work began as a duet for the stage, how much of that original movement did we end up using? How did things change over time and how did we piece it together for the film medium AND for the set we were in?
  • Could I talk a bit more about the genetic memory concept in itself – how did I initially go about making a dance about this idea? Why does it interest me?
  • What will we (as dancers, as a choreographer, as filmmakers) take forward from this experience? Has it changed any of our processes?
  • Who were we as “characters” in the film? Was it significant/purposeful that Carolyn was dirty and I was more pristine?
  • Am I going to keep going with this work/concept, or do I feel like this is a ‘finished product’ at this point?

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The full film is available online, by request, as a password-protected file. Visit the film page and easily submit a request-for-access form!

We will be screening again at the Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival, which runs October 3rd-6th in Southbridge, MA (we are being shown on Saturday, October 6th as part of the Experimental Shorts category). Visit their website for more information and tickets!

I will update here on the blog, as well as on social media, with any further festival screenings!

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