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On Monday, I met up with Boston-area photographer Mickey West to shoot as part of her ongoing project on female empowerment. Disclaimer: this is the first time I’ve tried dancing in several weeks as I continue to recover from a brutal virus that put me in bed for 2 full weeks – I was extremely nervous as it’s been a struggle to reclaim my body and find my strength again!

Mickey has been photographing dancers (in pink!) moving with strength at the city’s many institutes of learning. We ended up using the exterior of Cathedral High School in the South End, monkeying on ramps, windowsills, and railings. As someone who tends to move and improvise in front of the camera and use a lot of gesture, this was a bit of a challenge for me to find full-bodied, creative poses with the wow-factor she was looking for. But, with some guidance and the suggestions of the building layout itself, we managed to get some successful ones!

Enjoy a few highlights below and look out for me on Mickey’s social media (Instagram: @mickeylime, Facebook: /MickeyWestPhoto)!

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