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Come fly/jam/explore/sweat with me! I am thrilled to be teaching a drop-in contemporary class for advanced dancers at The Dance Complex in just one week! This is a one-time class as part of the Midday Movement Series‘ “Shuffle” offerings on Thursdays (more info and rest of the lineup can be found here).


Thurs Oct. 26 // 12-2pm // Drop-in, only $5! // The Dance Complex, 536 Mass Ave, Central Sq, Cambridge

Description: Class will focus on exploring and manipulating the rhythms, gestures, and tensions that underlie our movement as dancers. A mobilizing warmup will be followed by a contemporary center barre to more clearly find the spine and transfer movement between the quadrants of the body. We will then dive into phrasework that challenges dancers to segment the body within single actions, find subtlety and then build it into expansive sequences. Dancers will then be guided to manipulate the phrase by drawing on Laban’s choreologic principles surrounding dynamics, and compose a more layered and individual final product.

Hope to see you there!

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